Feature Article: Six of the Best: A Pro Tour Born of the Gods Preview

Magic is a great game at any level. Whether it’s around the kitchen table, at the local store, at Prereleases or Game Day, your local Pro Tour Qualifier, or a trip abroad for a Grand Prix… whatever the level, we play. And if we’re not playing, we’re watching. It turns out that the desire to watch Magic is pretty much insatiable, and there’s no shortage of options for our devouring eyeballs (Note to R&D: Devouring Eyeballs, card in future set please.) From daily streamers of Magic Online, through enthusiasts setting up feature match areas at Friday Night Magic, independent tournament series, the Community Cup and Sunday Super Series, all the way up to the high-level competition of Grand Prix, we sit and watch our favorites battle it out for pride, packs, trophies, glory, and cold hard cash.