Latest Developments: Days of Future Future: Born of the Gods

It’s Fated Week, and I want to talk a bit about how we manipulate Fate—by battling Standard decks in the Future Future League. The Future Future League is our internal league where we test cards for future Block and Standard. Our goal isn’t to break the metagame—if our handful of developers were able to solve the metagame in the time the set was in the FFL, then the people in the real world would do it in a matter of weeks—instead, we want to provide a large number of strategies that are about even in power, and allow for room in the metagame to shift as certain decks gain or lose popularity. This means our main job is to try out as many cards and combinations of cards as possible, and to give the overall strategies enough to make things interesting—not to pinpoint balance everything against each other. We do this by building decks, playing them against each other, finding out what (if anything) we want to change, and playing some more.