Making Magic: À La Mode

Welcome to Tribute Week. This week, we’ll be exploring the new tribute mechanic from Born of the Gods. As often happens during mechanic-based theme weeks, I already explained how it got designed during the previews. (Here, if you haven’t read it.) So instead, I thought I would talk about a design topic that is key to the tribute mechanic: choice. And I use the word “choice” in particular—if you’ve never read my two-parter about decisions in Magic design, I urge you to give it a look as it is very relevant to today’s topic. (Part 1. Part 2.) All the spells I am going to discuss today are ones that give the caster a choice of two or more effects when they are cast. In today’s article, I thought I’d walk you through a number of different ways we make choice cards and explain the ins and outs of designing them.