Top Decks: Mastering-Modern

It’s the eve of Pro Tour Born of the Gods, and I’ve been in full-on Modern mode for over a week (along with the rest of Team ChannelFireball). Modern is an awesome format, and is always very diverse, so it’s been fun to dive into what it looks like after the recent banned list update. The loss of Deathrite Shaman and the freeing of Wild Nacatl made a huge impact, although sadly the same can’t be said of Bitterblossom. While I can’t divulge what our team is playing quite yet, I can talk about what some of the most common decks in the format look like. Magic Online is a great source for decklists, both because of how rapidly the metagame evolves and because of how many different lists you can peruse, so I picked a representative list from a number of different archetypes to look at.